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Pahang Darul Makmur

In year 1618 Sultan Ahmad of Pahang was invaded by Sultan Iskandar Muda from Aceh Darulsalam. His son Raja Mughal (alias Raja Iskandar) was captured and brought to Aceh . Raja Mughal was later handed the throne of Aceh in 1636 by his adopted father. 

Obv : Sri Sultan Ala ad din  Mughayat Shah   Reverse : bin Sultan Ahmad Shah 

Metal/Denomination : Gold Mas/Dinar

Ref : coin is inscribed with the name of his father the ruler of Pahang

Period : circa 18th - 19th century (Pahang under the rule of Johor)

Obv : Khalifah Muminin   Reverse : blank 

Metal/Denomination : Tin Pitis?/Keping

Ref : center holed 

Period : dated 1281 AH = 1864

Obv : decorated with floral designs  Reverse : in arabic Jawi "Pada awal bulan Rabi'al Thani ini belanja Pahang dari tarikh sanat 1281 (On the first month of Rabi al Thani this currency of Pahang was first used in the year 1281AH = 1864AD) 

Metal/Denomination : Tin / Tampang (one twenty fifth of a Dollar) measure: 73mm x 74mm x 23mm height.

Ref : SS15 



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  20 January 2004

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