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Perak Darul Naim

Sultan Hussein alias Ali Riayat Shah of Aceh invaded Perak in year 1573. All the royal family of Perak was brought to Aceh and Perak became a regent to the Aceh Sultanate. After the death of Sultan Hussein, he left no prince to succeed over the kingdom causing a power struggle. Prince Mansur of Perak was then chosen in 1579 to take over in Aceh as Sultan Aladdin Mansur Shah.  However he was not popular to the local Aceh due to being a foreigner, and was killed in 1586 on his way to Perak to install his brother as the sultan of Perak 

Period : Sultan Aladdin Mansur Shah (1579-1586AD) ruler of Aceh. A prince from Sultan Ahmad bin Muzaffar Shah of Perak, 

Obv : Ala ad Din ibn Ahmad   Reverse : Al Sultan Al Adil

Metal/Denomination : Gold Mas/Dinar

Ref : no reign title 'Malik Az Zahir'. coin is inscribed with the name of his father Ahmad the ruler of Perak


Period : circa early 16th century 

Obv : Tampok manggis (Mangosteen calyx) decoration  Reverse : blank

Metal/Denomination : tin / half bidor? (1 Spanish Real?)

Ref : Unlisted type. similar to Saran Singh's catalogue under Perak Tin ingot currency.


Period : circa 16-17th century 

Obv : pattern of lines radiating  Reverse : blank

Metal/Denomination : tin pitis 

Ref : similar to Saran Singh's SS71-75



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