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Perlak Kingdom/Sultanate

Islam arrived in Perlak in early 9th century by a group of about 100 Syiah ulamas lead by Nakhoda Khalifah and was successful in converting the local king named Shahr Nuwi. The sister of Shahr Nuwi married one of the Syiah ulamas and had a child which was then taken as Sultan Syeid Maulana Abdul Aziz Shah the first ruler of Pasai in 840AD.

Period : Makhdum Dynasty - Sultan Abdul Jalil Syah Johan Berdaulat (1196-1225AD)

Obv : Abdul Jalil Malik Az Zahir  Reverse : Al Sultan Al Adil

Metal/Denomination : Gold Mas/Dinar

Ref : unlisted 

List of rulers from Perlak:-

Saiyid Maulana Dynasty (Syiah)

1. Sultan Abdul Aziz Syah (840-864AD)

2. Sultan Abdurrahim Syah (864-888AD)

3. Sultan Abbas Syah (888-913AD)

4. Sultan Ali Mughayat Syah (915-918AD)

Makhdum Dynasty (Sunnah)

5. Sultan Abdul Kadir Syah Johan Berdaulat (918-922AD)

6. Sultan Mohammad Amin Syah Johan Berdaulat (922-946AD)

7. Sultan Abdul Malik Syah Johan Berdaulat (946-973AD)

Saiyid and Makhdum Dynasty

8. Sultan Mahmud Shah (976-988AD) in Perlak Baroh and Sultan Ibrahim Syah (976-1012AD) in Perlak Tunong.

Continuance of Makhdum Dynasty (Sunnah)

9. Sultan Ibrahim Syah (1012-1059AD) combined parts of Perlak into one.

10.Sultan Mansur Syah (1059-1078AD)

11.Sultan Abdullah Syah Johan Berdaulat (1078-1108AD)

12.Sultan Ahmad Syah Johan Berdaulat (1108-1134AD)

13.Sultan Mahmud Syah Johan Berdaulat (1134-1158AD)

14.Sultan Usman Syah Johan Berdaulat (1158-1170AD)

15.Sultan Muhammad Syah Johan Berdaulat (1170-1196AD)

16.Sultan Abdul Jalil Syah Johan Berdaulat (1196-1225AD)

17.Sultan Muhammad Amin Syah (1225-1263AD)

18. Sultan Abdul Aziz Syah (1263-1292AD) 

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